Sunday, 18 December 2016

Setting Up TeamSpeak 3 Server And Downloading TeamSpeak 3 Apk

How to setup TeamSpeak 3 Server? 

We have talked a lot about TeamSpeak 3 and its uses previously. As all of us know we need a server when we have TeamSpeak on our PC to enjoy this amazing software. Setting up TeamSpeak 3 is very easy but since most people don’t know, we are going to tell you how to easily setup TeamSpeak 3 Server. Also, I am going to talk about few pre requisites which you need before doing this process. These are necessary being the most basic things behind this procedure. So, without wasting any more of your time, let us now move with the process of setting up TeamSpeak 3 server on your PC. Listed below are few pre requisites which you need before setting up the server.
  • A VM that must be Windows based and must have RDP access.
  • Your computer must have a ram of at least 1 GB.
  • TeamSpeak client must be installed on your PC and for this guide, TeamSpeak 3.
You Can Also Download TeamSpeak Apk For You Android Device From The Download Button or link in the bottom.

Stepwise Process of Setting TeamSpeak 3 Server:

Let us now tell you the process of setting up TeamSpeak 3 Server:

1.      Go on Google and download ‘TeamSpeak 3’ for your PC.
2.      Now use this link here’’ in order to download the TeamSpeak 3 server.
3.      Extract the downloaded server files on your computer and get it ready to be used.
4.      Once these files are extracted, go to the extracted folder and then you will need to find an executable with the file name like this ‘ts3server_win64.exe’.
5.      Opening this executable will provide you a key which you will need to enter every time you run TeamSpeak.
6.      This will get your TeamSpeak server running.
7.      Specify the VPN with which you want to run this server.
8.      If that doesn’t work, allow port 9987 and try running it through firewall and it should work.
And this is how you easily do the process of setting up TeamSpeak 3 server. I really hope that this article helped you. Keep visiting our site for more tech guides and stuff.

Downloading TeamSpeak 3 Apk For Free:

Download TeamSpeak Apk For Your Android Device from the below download link or button. After downloading the apk file transfer it to your android device and install it. After installing the app and connecting it to your server you will be able to use and control it from your android device.

Download Teamspeak 3 apk

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Download Bloons Tower Defense 5 Apk For Free

Bloons Tower Defense is one of the most famous Game of Play Store that ruled the paid Gaming category for a long time. Bloons Tower Defense includes many series among which Bloons TD 5 is the most famous one.

Bloons TD 5 is a famous action and arcade game where you will have to fight with your enemies for defending your towers and to attack their towers too. Bloons TD 5 Apk is full of amazing features and options. Enjoy The game with high-quality graphics and excellent sound quality. You can also customize the controls to make the game more simple and joyful for you.

Bloons Tower Defense 5 is easy to download and requires only android version 2.3 or up to download. Along with android with it, you will also need to have a minimum free storage of 100 MBs or more.

Bloons TD 5 Apk Features:

The game includes the following features:

  1. Enjoy high graphics and excellent sound quality.
  2. Enjoy the game in multiplayer mode. 
  3. Enjoy 21 powerful towers and upgrade them with every level up.
  4. Enjoy more than 200+ missions with 20 special missions.
  5. Share your scores and level ups on your social media with a few clicks.

Download Bloons TD 5 Apk For Free:

                                    CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD BLOONS TD 5 Apk

Friday, 29 July 2016

Top 3 Popular PlayStore Business Apps For Android Devices

Android has considered as one of the most common Mobile Operating System use nowadays. From Children to businessmen everyone is using android. Android is popular for its great number of games and apps which we mostly download from PlayStore. PlayStore contains a great variety of apps and games in every category.

Apart From Games And Entertainment Apps PlayStore is also famous for its business apps that help businessmen to complete their tasks and communicate with their clients more easily. And that's what we are going to discuss today. We will mention the top 3 most popular Android Business Apps along with their requirements, review, and download links.

Top 3 Android Business Apps:

1. Google my Business:

Google My business is the official application of Google developed by Google Inc, this app will help you to manage your business. You can save your client details and can create a separate section for each client with this app. You can also save your meetings in this app and can set it to get alarmed or notified at specific time. Apart from this you can also set your clients location with Google Map That will Help you to get your clients addresses more easily.

To download this app in your android device you must need to have an android version of 4.1 or up along with a minimum free internal storage of 20 MBs.

 To Download The App From Play Store CLICK HERE

2 . TeamSpeak 3:

TeamSpeak 3 is another great for business purposes. You can easily have long high-quality video and audio chats with your thousands of clients through this app. TeamSpeak is popular for its huge high-quality conference calls that will help you to manage your business from any place. Apart from this TeamSpeak is having many other features like secure server, full admin controls and many other. TeamSpeak is a feature rich app. You can get complete guide related to TeamSpeak from an article published in AndroidMadness on the title of TeamSpeak 3 Apk. TeamSpeak needs At least android version 2.3.3 or up

TeamSpeak 3 is a paid app so you will have to buy that from playstore. before buying the app make it sure that you are having an android device having android version 2.3.3 or up along with a minimum free storage of 30 MBs

To download TeamSpeak 3 Click Here

3. Business Tasks:

business tasks is another great android application that can help you in your business with this app you can easily save your business tasks and get notified at a specific time when the tasks are near.

it is a very simple but a very useful app. It can be downloaded on easily on any android device having android version of 2.2 or up along with a minimum storage of 5 MB .

You can download Business Tasks From HERE

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Download Pokemon Go Apk v0.29.2 For Free

Download Pokemon Go Apk Latest Version For Free:

Pokemon Go is a new android game developed by Niantic, Inc. The game is trending nowadays worldwide and everyone is getting mad for it. Recently the game is only available in few countries which include America, Austrailia, New Zeland, Italy and a few more. The developers are working hard to make it available worldwide but due to a high number of downloads. However in an official statement, they have made it clear that the game while is available worldwide.

Requirements For Pokemon Go:

To Download Pokemon Go You Must Need To Have An Android device having an android version of 4.2 or above. You also need to  have almost 100 MBs of free space on your android device. As the game sizes 56.0 MBs so keep it mind before downloading the game.

Another special requirement for the game (That is temporary) is your location. As discussed above that the game the available only in a few locations like America, Austrailia, New Zeland etc so also keep that in mind before downloading the game.

How To Play The Game From Any Location:

Some people says that there are some methods through which you can play this game from any location. But we willl prefer to wait but still if you are crazy and can't then then this article can help you: How To Play Pokemon Go From All Location

Download Pokemon Go Apk v29.2 For Free:

                                     CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD POKEMON GO APK

Saturday, 5 March 2016

Doodle Devil HD Apk Android Game Free Download

Doodle is a famous android series which is having many games. Not only on Android but on IOS too. Doodle games and applications are developed by JoyBits Co. Ltd., which is a well known developing company. Doodle games get famous because of their great features which include HD quality, graphics, excellent sound quality, regular updates, and excellent customer support. Doodle Devil HD Apk is a well-known game of Doodle series. Doodle games are having almost two version for each game which includes paid and free version. This increase the download rate of the game because before trying the paid version users love to have a look at the free version.

Doodle Devil is just opposite to Devil God where you will create different things and will make the world peaceful. Doodle Devil is destructive game in which you will get a chance to show your devil face.

Doodle Devil HD Apk:

Doodle devil HD is a paid android game which is not only have a great number of downloads but is also having a great users review. The game was launched in 2014 and is still having thousands of active users. It has been constantly updating from 2014 and all kind of bugs and error are solved in every new update. Not only this but new features are also included on every new update. 

Features of the game along with requirements and review on play store is given below.

Requirements: Requirements of the game include android version 2.3.3. or above with a minimum storage of 50 MBs.

Play Store Review: Doodle is having about 50,000 downloads with a rating of 4.2 stars on play store

Features Of Doodle Devil HD Apk:

Features of the game include:
  • Excellent graphics and animations which make the game more colorful
  • HD quality options.
  • Excellent sound quality
  • New Damon Mode
  • New game play modes.
  • New user interface

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Download Spotify pro Apk For Free


Spotify Pro apk is a famous android application for listening to music. The app was basically a paid and was costing somehow expensive too but now the pro version is converted from paid to free and is available free for download to every android user.

It has been not cleared yet that this conversion is permanent  for is only a kind of give way for some time. But whatever the situation is I personally recommend you to download or install the app as soon as you can plus download the apk file too because if the app gets paid after some and you are having the apk file of the app with you, then you will be able to download it.


Requirements varies from phone to phone. Make it sure to search that you have more than 100 MBs free storage n your android device. If you are going to download the app from apk file mentioned below then storage will be not that much headache for you but if you are downloading it directly from play store then if you have a low storage device you make face some problems.


  • You can download the songs directly from the app having high sound quality
  • Find millions of songs of different languages and different origins.
  • Check out different albums.
  • Search songs by song title, artist name, album name, singer name.
  • Make your own play list.
  • Get rid of ads.
  • Enjoy the premium version for free.

Download Spotify Pro Apk For Free:

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

World Wide Hip Hop Popular Android Application

World star hip hop Apk is well known popular android application fo watching hip hop videos. The app is very much popular in US and people usually use it to watch new and popular hip videos. With all these comments discussion on every video is also every much popular and people find it really interesting to take part in different discussions.

World star hip hop is an official app of Worldstarhiphop which can be easily downloaded on any android device. The app is free of cost and can be downloaded on any android device easily.

It sizes about 4.88 Mbs which is too much low so, even a low storage device can download it without any headache. The size of  the app is the reason for its massive number of downloads and high ranking on play store. Other apps like youtube and daily motion are quite heavy as compared to  it so, user who are having low storage device always faces different problems with these apps.

Features Of WorldStarHipHop:

Features of the app include:

  • Watch millions of popular videos free of cost and keep your self up to date
  • Enjoying watching sports, music, interviews new discoveries and much more on a single click.
  • Get a chance to watch live shows and sports matches.
  • Get your self-entertain with highlights of different matches,  shows etc.
  • Download videos of your choice.
  • Take part in hot comment discussion and bring your ideas out of mind.


Download the app is very easy and can be done in a few minutes to download the app from play store you can directly go to your play store and download it from there for free.

If you want to download the apk file of the for free you can do it from here Download worldstarhiphop apk.

The apk file is 100% free and can be easily downloaded without any error. still if you face any problem you can contact us.

Must give your review it is having a high value for us.